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Darwin's Grip® PRO

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Bulk orders are for U.S.A. based only brick and mortar shops. No Amazon listings please. Coupon code uses on bulk orders will be rejected.

ATTENTION: We are currently on pre-order status on the PRO series. We expect to be back up to speed the mid June 2023. We will be on a first come, first serve basis and your card will be charged when you pre-order. If you have any questions please call 256.701.7605

Darwin's Grips® PRO

Individual packed blister pack.

Includes: 1 bar, 1 vise, 1 saddle brace, 5mm hex tool, 1 pre-cut .095 trimmer line, 1 tube of thread locker and install instructions. Comes with a 2 year no question ask guarantee. Any warranty issues will be handled by us for your convenience and is included with your purchase.

Video of the New saddle brace will be available soon.

Our retail price per unit will be set at $64.95+

Dealer Pricing

Shipping will be included in the total at checkout.

20 Pack $32.97 per unit =$659.5 + $30 Shipping USA

40 Pack $31.21 per unit =$1248.40 + $55 Shipping USA

60 Pack $30.21 per unit =$1812.6 + $85 Shipping USA

Pricing above is for US based brick and mortar shops. Any Amazon, international orders or coupon users will quickly be refunded and rejected.

Darwin's Grip® will allow you to stand up straight to reduce fatigue, strains and offers precise trimming by getting you closer to the line.

Text for larger package deals. 256-701-7605

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