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Darwin's Grips® PRO 
Individual packed blister pack.
Includes: 1 PRO bar, 1 PRO vise, 1 pre-cut .095 trimmer line, 1 tube of thread locker.
The saddle brace is being discontinued due to customer feed back.  

Our retail price per unit will be set to $64.95+
Dealer Pricing available after resellers agreement is signed and validated. If you need to receive/sign the resellers agreement, please text the following info to:
1. Company Name
2. Your Name
3. Email Address
You will receive the resellers agreement through Docusign to the email you provide in your text.
All purchases without a signed resellers agreement will be quickly rejected and refunded. 

Dealer Pricing 
20 Pack $42.97 per unit =$859.5 + $30 Shipping USA
40 Pack $38.21 per unit =$1528.4 + $55 Shipping USA
60 Pack $35.21 per unit =$2112.6 + $85 Shipping USA
Pricing above is for US based brick and mortar shops. Any Amazon, international orders or coupon users will quickly be refunded and rejected.

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