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3 Darwin's Grips® The New 6.1

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Tools you need: 5mm allen wrench

The gen 6 is the newest version in the Darwin's Grip Family. It has been re-engineered to have zero slippage and is designed for rugged commercial use. It will allow the operator to fully adjust the X, Y, & Z axis to reach maximum comfort.

Darwin's Grip® will allow you to stand up straight to reduce fatigue, strains and offers precise trimming by getting you closer to the business end of the trimmer.

Test it out yourself, if you're not 100% satisfied we will buy it back! Just mail it back and we will handle your refund first & before the start of each day. (15% restocking fee may apply)

NOTICE: Although the USPS or FedEx states 1-3 days shipping, this statement hasn't been true since 2019. These promised delivery dates are pulled from the carriers' notes and we have no control over what they promised. With that said, Please allow 3-5++ business days for the order delivery.

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